5 mai 2017

réalité brute

Liu Xaodong, Dead Water, 1993-1999y 

Watching,  Liu Xaodong  , 2000 

Crazy Mess #3,  Liu Xaodong, 2012 

« ...Yes, I experienced that scene when i was traveling in China in 1993. A worker fell off from a construction site and died, I arrived just minutes after he died. I was totally absorbed by that scene and painted a small oil sketch of it on the spot (Great Death en Plein Air). Later I thought a lot about it and did several painting on the subject, one in 1993-1999 (Watching) They are all related. I think as a living person I am always curious about what is death, how does it work, because nobody can talk about it . Being confronted with the raw reality of death is a unique human experience. »   

Liu Xaodong